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Compass upset.

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Well-known member
May 12, 2006
Anyone know anything about a MDW flight getting into an upset event leaving ATL yesterday. The bird was parked next to us in MDW getting 22 pages worth of inspections done.
I've not heard about, or seen anything about that yet. Anything at Compass usually takes sometime to emerge from the info-sphincter around here.
so let me see if i understand the situation. . . They left ATL, had an Upset event on departure, continued to MDW and grounded the airplane?

Sounds like they encountered something that warranted a pretty serious inspection (i.e. Severe Turbulence). Just wondering what the thought process was that led to the crew continuing. I wasn't there so i won't say they made a poor decision, i am just curious what the circumstances are surrounding the event.

well done by the crew to get the aircraft under control following an upset. had one a few years back leaving EWR & I can tell you it is an eye opening experience.
Talked to some friends, apparently the crew felt they had a "severe turbulence" encounter. Written up and inspected. I have no idea where it occurred, except somewhere between ATL and MDW.
it already is alike. everyone uses the word loose instead of lose. and people replying in agreement with "+1".... big yawn on that too.

FI is the epitome of quality posting, perfect grammar, and overall aviation board awesomeness... of course!

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