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Compaq iPAQ, GPS, Transceivers

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Jan 11, 2002
I'm thinking about getting a portable gps. I'm wondering what portable GPS system you guys/gals like, anyone own/recommend the Garmin GPSMAP-195?

I am also impressed with the Compaq iPAQ...gps & real time weather.

Whose got a transceiver and happy enough with it to recommend it? I see a lot on the market now, different features, etc.
I am planning on buying the iPAQ GPS soon, but i am going to go without the real time weather. DO NOT buy it from sporty's...if you go directly to the website you can get it for about $400 cheaper. You can even get cheaper if you only buy the GPS bundle from the website and find an iPAQ on your own such as EBAY, that will save you another $100 or so.

I am going without the real time weather because i don't want to spend the extra monthly fee to have it. I'll stick with the weather radar onboard the a/c for free.

It is a great system and it does so much more than the Garmin GPS 295 for quite a bit less money if you buy it smartly. Plus with the OPTION of real time weather it is a pretty valuable tool.
www.gps4fun.com has very good prices. They have a good setup for the iPaq which is the Pharos GPS with cables and cigarette lighter adapter $167. This is the most compact way to go. If you don't want to use an iPaq I recommend the Lowrance Airmap 100. I have had this model for 2 years and have been very happy with it. The main benefit for an iPaq is the larger color screen. If you want to see a great affordable iPaq app visit navgps.net for $50 it has a lot of the same features at the $200 programs.

Good luck!
Here's something that might help.......

With so many companies willing to outbid eachother for your almighty dollar. do shop around for the best buy. Avshop offers this comparsion to the Garwin 295, one of the best selling color handheld GPS, until this techno came along. Avshop.com also had some customer reviews.


good luck......8sm
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