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Companies that hire part-timers

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Well-known member
Dec 30, 2001
Does anyone know of a company (cargo, corporate, whatever) that hires part-time pilots? I am specifically in Virginia, but could potentially commute for the right situation. Eyeballing a career shift.... Thanks!
you will not find part time pilot jobs because they have to train a part timer just like a full timer and they dont get much use of you. It is just bad economics. There are contract pilot gigs or maybe freelance instructing or weekend dz jobs but if you can stand your current job and maybe you can afford to fly for fun I would just do that. This industry is in a downward spiral
Yeah, unfortunately, the airlines don't dig part-timers either.... Don't want to quit, but the other half is bitching about family life. Just wondering how life is on the other side and if there is any hope to find a "decent" flying gig (no offense to instructors). Contract stuff is soo unpredictable...
If your chick, wife, whatever is complaining about family life, you could try getting a Fed Ex or UPS feeder gig. Those runs don't get you anywhere near as tired as checks, and you're home 8 hours a day during with weekends off. Aside from only having one engine, a lot of the Fed Ex runs are nice because you don't have to load your own freight. UPS runs are cool because you'll typically have two props turning, but you'll also be getting a workout when your freight shows.
Part Time Pilots

Ameriflight hires Part Time on Call pilots (PTOC). Check out the website www.ameriflight.com you can apply online and tell them during the phone interview how much you are willing to work, etc.