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beats working

Active member
Apr 16, 2002
can someone tell me a good website for determining schedules for cummute feasibility? I need a site that lists all carriers for city pairs. I've been using travelocity, but I think there's got to be an easier way. Thanks

Get a subscription to American Express SkyGuide ... it is the best $75 per year you will ever spend.

Once a month, they send you a new little book, with every airline schedule in North America, all carriers, and (unlike the web) you can check it on the fly as your plans change, especially if you are a multi-leg commuter. It is a great thing when a gate agent gives you the thumbs-down to be able to flip open the book and see when the next flight on ANY carrier is to wherever you want to go ... in my opinion, it is easier than the Web, and easier than a PDA, plus the book is compact so it doesn't eat up a lot of flight bag space.

It is designed for the high-powered business traveler but suits a pilot's needs quite well, I think. Every commuter ought to carry one!

Tailwinds, y'all ...

American Express SkyGuide has an airline employee discount, something like $55 per year...

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