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Commuting At Flight Options

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Nov 28, 2001
A question for you Flight Options Guys and Gals.........How difficult would it be to commute from Colorado Springs or Denver while working at Flight Options? I think you guys get jumpseat on Air Tran and Southwest, and I'm aware of the travel allowance ($400 I think). I'm mainly wondering if there have been any changes since the Raytheon merger, and I would like to get some feedback on just how easy or difficult you think the commute would be. I wanted to get some of this before even thinking about sending a resume. Thanks for the info!!!
You dont need to commute. Your home is your base. They airline you at their expense to wherever your assigned a/c is on your first duty day and then back home on your last duty day. You also have the option of relocating to Cleveland and taking an extra $400 a month.
I'm glad I asked the question, because I knew that was the case with Raytheon, but did not realize that Flight Options handled that the same way. That would work really well for my Wife and I. We still own our home out in Colorado Springs (currently its rented out), and we would really like to move back there. Now, for the other big question......Are they doing any hiring at the present time? I'm currently working for PSA flying the Dork Prop. However, I really don't see the company doing anything in the near future, so I'm ready to try and get out. How about pay and upgrade times? I REALLY appreciate the information. Thanks again.
Pay & Upgrade

Right now it looks as though hiring will continue. I don't know any exact numbers though. Having your resume walked in is a BIG plus.

As far as pay goes, FO's start at $34,000 a year base pay. Upgrade times are long, the FO I am flying with now has been here almost a year and he is still about 6 months from being able to upgrade
You can find detailed pay and benefit info at


As far as hiring it looks like they are interviewing guys who have in the 3000 hr and up range and have their resumes walked in by an FO pilot

I fell a little short on the total time and was not granted an interview this past go around. To be honest with you if I had the competitive mins Flight Options wants right now I would just apply at EJA. The upgrade times are much shorter, newer equipment, and better benefits although the pay is lower for first year FOs. Flight Options used to hire pilots in the 1800 hr range as if they had some jet time but it seems like those days are long gone

It seems like new hires at Flight Options come from all backgrounds commuter, corporate, 135, etc and they like to see some jet time

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