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CommutAir...what's the latest?

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"Work Right! Fly Hard!"
Apr 2, 2002
Just wondering what's going on at CommutAir? Are things turning around or is the ship still sinking?
Hey... I am currently an FO at Commutair and things are improving although things could be better. The loads I have been flying with are very good compared to in the past. As far as I know we are not hiring. we took on a few just to fill in some of the holes that came up.
Personally I love working there. OK we don't have greatest pay and we could be alot better off overall, but I get to live at home and the pilot group, as well as the folks up in PLB are a great group of guys and girls.
To sum up... Things are going pretty well and the
"sinking ship" comments seem to be slowly dissapearing.
I jumpseated last week on the ISP to ALB run and there were 15 people onboard, seemed like a good load.
That's not bad... We've been hauling 17-19 on our one round trip a day, but unless we get ride of the C model, those numbers are going to head to 0.
"Sinking Ship" should be thrown out. A year ago it may have applied but not any more. Most people around here are pretty optimistic about the future. Loads are up in most markets. In fact speculation is we'd be profitable if it were not for the new markets in BGR, CYUL and BWI that were added this month. Albany airport is currently expanding our rampspace and there are some ongoing projects to improve our gate area as well. Also there is the possibility of a new EAS market or two.

We are not currently hiring but I would expect that to change soon as several guys have left/are leaving for ACA/ASA/Comair, etc. Also a few captains are in the pool at Southwest and AirTran. IMHO the fun is starting to return to Commutair.

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