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Commutair PSA Colgan

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PSA equals 1200 and 250 multi.

I'd hold off for a bit though. All the Dorniers we have look to be going bye-bye.

More to follow in the coming days.

From what I am hearing through the company grapevine, Commutair will still hire at published minimums (900/100) IF(!!!) the quality of the time is good. But the grapevine also indicates that most recent interviewees have tended to have between 1500-2000 total and 300-500 multi. If you know somebody at Commutair, have them walk a resume in, that should get you an interview provided you meet the minimums.

Good Luck
Colgan has hired nearly 50 new Beech pilots in the last month and a half. Not sure what the average time is, but I think they are primarily at the gulfstream level.
Don't think we'll be hiring much at all into the SAAB until the end of the year. C Model 1900 are reportedly on their way out, with the first 2 of the new(er to us) Ds starting to fly the line on the 15th.

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