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commutair interview on april 25th

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Mar 19, 2002
I have an interview on the 25th !!! Would anyone care to share the experience. I hear there is a 40Q written exam , an HR and a computer cog test. What is the written exam based on? Any tips on the HR or the COG test??
I haven't interviewed there since Feb. 2001 and the computerized test wasn't available for my interview but I'll try to answer your questions...

The written exam is a standard ATP type written..Its pretty common at any interview. It usually covers some regs. weather, metar/tafs, ...its probably more like a ppl written with some IFR stuff on it.. any body else feel free to elaborate..

Although i didn't do the comp. test here I did do it 2 months ago at Comair. It isn't something you can prepare for unless you've done one at another interview. But its no sweat. Almost like playing a video game. Some recalling of number sequences as they flash on the screen (but not very fast), some are like games like using you L/R arrow keys to keep a vertical line in the midle of a horizontal line as it moves back and forth (pretty simple)..

fOR THE hr PART DON'T BULLS$$T THEM AND DON'T ACT COCKY.. i WAS NERVOUS AS HECK..(IT WAS MY FIRST INTERVIEW EVER) The HR lady even said later "wow, you were nervous". But I still got the job. I even messed up some answers. They won't try to trick you like some interviews (ACA) if you miss something they usually just tell you the correct answer and move along..

Although every pilot here at Commutair is an awesome pilot (hand flying a fast turboprop to minimums is a ton of fun) Commutair isn't like some places that hiring only those who have the "perfect interview" (atleast thats the impression I get) My interview was far less than pefect and I've had a pretty easy transition from cessna's to a Beech. Have fun and good luck. Every one you meet will be awfully nice.

Again good luck..
I was curious as to how long it takes to get a call after sending in a resume. I applied by mail and online a couple of weeks ago. I meet their minimums, but I'm sure they're getting bombarded with resumes from pilots with more time than me. I'm not sure where I would stand in the pecking order.

Maybe someone close to the recruiting/training department can shed some light. If they don't call, do they send a "thanks, but call back later" letter? Thanks in advance.

Right now, recommendations weigh very heavily in the hiring process. The Cheif Pilot has two stacks on his desk, recommendations and everyone else. The "everyone else" pile is about a foot high with the recommendation pile much smaller. If you happen to know someone who works here, get them to walk a resume in for you. Believe me, it works. Other than that, they will most likely start calling people according to their experience and furlough status. Also, to my knowledge they do not acknowledge your resume with a postcard. Good luck!

I get the impression that they are not really looking at higher time people first. I think they are going to look more at people from the minimums (900TT, 100ME) through about 1500 hours, instead of much higher time people. I don't have any specific information telling me that, I just get that impression from different conversations I have had.
Thanks for the info, Sounds like they are really relaxed there. Are you still flying there?
To answer the question about how I got an interview. I had a friend walk it in about 3 or 4 weeks ago. Close to 1400total and 185 multi
I was talking with one of the main men in the training department as we were catching a ride from LGA to Alb after the sim a couple of months back and we happened to start talking about whats gonna be happening in the next few months and stuff about hiring and whatnot..

I wish I could remember exactly what he said but to give some sort of idea they are kinda looking for what everybody above said..

1) Recommendations
2)Good time (meaning of course their mins. with good IFR etc)
3) They are also seperating some resumes by region. They like North East flyers because of the weather we get up here. Not saying everyone else is excluded but if you've been flying up here in weather country you have an edge vs. others.

Well, we shot 4 approaches to mins. this afternoon and I'm ready to hit the sack.

Take care and good luck.
What base would you recomend for someone comming from the west coast. Not to commute , just looking for a fun place to live and I know very little about NY. Is there any rock climbing there?
It seems that Albany is about the easiest base to commute to/from. I commute from FL and don't have any trouble. We have one guy here who commutes from Los Angeles and he says he has no trouble either.

As far as fun, well it depends on what your idea of fun is. I know a lot of the younger folks up in Plattsburgh do a lot of hiking and snowboarding in the Adirondacks. And Plattsburgh is only about an hour from Montreal which is a VERY cool city. PLB however is a tough commute and it only has day trips.

Albany, Rochester and Syracuse are all typical mid-sized cities with a variety of things to do but none really has a reputation as a good party city (at least as far as I can tell). If you like sports I would recommend Syracuse because of Syracuse University, but SYR is a small base.

Albany is far and away the largest base. It is about two hours from NYC so if you really want to go someplace that has everything, you can get there.

Hope that helps.
As far as the most things to do and overrall quality of the city my vote goes for Rochester. Many people who have visited rarely venture farther than their hotel. There is a pretty descent bar scene wed-sat...We also have a very nice baseball stadium, AHL Hockey, arena football, a championship major league soccer team, one of the best indoor major lacrosse teams, and just added a major league outdoor lacrosse team. The city is very clean and very easy to get around. Its also larger than SYR, ALB or Plattsburgh...Lake Ontario is on the North side of the city and the Finger Lakes are 20 miles to the South. Buffalo and Canada are just an hour away(Niagara Falls!!)
Six Flags is 40 minutes away, and you can find places to hike, camp, canoe, fish just about anywhere close to the city... Rock Climbing may be about the only thing you prob. won't find here..

Wow there are a ton of things to do..what am I doing on my Computer!!


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