CommutAir Closes SYR/UCA Domicile


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Mar 17, 2002
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Just a note for those of you interviewing or considering interviewing at CommtuAir with hopes of living in Syracuse: The company just announced the closure of the Syracuse/Utica, NY, domicile, effective 6/17/02. Utica lost its government subsidy, effective 6/30. If my count's right, this marks the 8th Commutair domicile to close since 1999, and the first since September 11th.

That flying will shift to the Albany domicile, which should get bigger as a result. There will continue to be an aircraft overnighting in SYR, with an Albany crew in a hotel. Rochester and Plattsburgh, the only two other domiciles remaining, are so far unchanged by that announcement. No details were given as to where the Utica aircraft will be moved, but I imagine it will be moved to Albany to support the new flying from there.

On that note, we're starting service to Bangor, Maine, again starting June 2nd. So there is *some* good news here.

Just FYI.