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Commutair Class 4/16/01

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Nov 26, 2001
Im just curious if anyone who was in that class is on the forum as well. That is..4/16/01. If you are, drop me a line, we may be in recurrent together!

whats current mean?

they have 2 airplanes?!?!?
Last number to be called back was 615. They will need to call back more as even more recent people called back have left. Now down to 94 pilots. Gettin' ugly. Good luck.
walkthasky what's up, I sat next to U yesterday. Would it be worth my time to send Commutair a res?
hey whats up

Hey FRDOG, are you the McDan dude??
Yeah, id definetly apply when they are accepting resumes again. I got recalled this past monday, and im really looking forward to going back. Anyways, drop me a line if you want more info. on the company.
Yea, I'm the Mac Dan Dude. I really like my job now even if it is pushing twin pistons. I dunno, It's probably a bad move to take a job there for me. We get paid very well to fly pistons. Good luck to you though. Maybe a bunch of us pilots should get together and buy the place? Who owns their debt...lol

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