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Commitment times

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Ride High

Active member
Sep 23, 2005
Could someone please help me with information concerning the commitment requirements for the following as a commisioned officer off the streets:

Army Pilot
Air Force Pilot
Coast Guard Pilot

Thanks for the info in advance
Army Officer - 6 years from the day you finish your flight training. When I did it, that was the BCS/NVG checkride; don't know what it is now with FSXXI, but believe the obligation is still 6 years.
Navy calls for 6 years if you're a helo guy, 8 if you go jets.

I was in just over 3 years from my first day of OCS to winging... +8 year commitment = 11 years active duty before my commitment is fulfilled.
Anyone else heard that the AF is going back to 8 years ADSC?

SIG600- Did the Navy change that back to 6-8 years? They changed it to 8 years across the board a couple years ago
Frisko said:
Anyone else heard that the AF is going back to 8 years ADSC?

I have not heard this, although it doesn't suprise me. The military changes policy more often than some change their underwear. It all comes down to retention and money. Pilot bonuses are something else that goes up and down like the stock market. When the airlines are doing well and pilots are bailing out at their commitment mark, bonuses and commitment times are high. When the airlines are in the crapper (such as now), the military can't get rid of pilots (although you don't fly much past the 10 year mark anyway in most airframes).
The Navy's 8 years across the board again. Total commitment times will vary due to the length of the different pipelines. 7,8,9 years ago it used to 7 for helos and props and 8 for jets.
Another type of USAF-type commitment you need to worry about are the commitments you get for your follow-on training (such as aircraft commander upgrade or a weapons-type school). And especially the commitment you get for a PCS (Permanent Change of Station) which moves you from one base to another. These can range anywhere from 6 months to 3 years plus...again depending how the personnel system is playng the game. Usually, they all run concurrently, whcih is great in your early years. It's the ones that start extending your "time owed" beyond the pilot training commitment that start to get your attention. It's a great position to be commitment-free and still flying...but it can be pretty difficult to get to that position.

I've seen many folks preparing their exit from the military only to get an assignment just prior to the point when they could legally put in their separation papers. Basically, they get a modern day "shanghai"...they had to take the assigment and the associated 2-year commitment that comes with it. So, the bottom line is the military wants you to work for them 24/7/365 until you get too expensive or too old. And that's the tricky part...figuring out when that is.

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