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Commercial Question

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Well-known member
Jan 7, 2002
When you get your commercial, can you get paid to take somebody somewhere if you have to rent the plane from a flight school?

From what i remember, you cannot provide the aircraft and your pilot services. This would be considered a charter.

I agree with the above. It doesn't matter if you rented the plane or you own the plane. If in any way you provided the aircraft and you're being paid to fly it, it is an illegal 135 operation.
what do you mean, if I provide the aircraft.... if I rent an airplane, I'm providing the aircraft aren't I?

just a little confused that's all... :)
If I am a freelance CFI, and I rent the plane from xyz plane rental, and instruct students, does this constitute a 135 operation?
Providing aircraft

Let me clarify. It doesn't matter where you got the airplane. You could have borrowed it, stole it, purchased it, or rented it. As long as you are providing the aircraft and are charging for your services, you are committing an unlawful operation pursuant to 14 CFR 135. If someone else provided the aircraft and hired you to fly it, that is legal.

For instruction purposes, the student must rent the aircraft. The student is paying you for your services. Of course, the aircraft in question has to have an annual and 100-hour inspection (or an approved progressive maintenance program) for it to be used for flight instruction for hire.
Okay, here's another situation (this is actually a real one):

I'm flying with some buddies to see my beloved Longhorns play the Huskers up in Lincoln this November. As it is, I'm renting a Duchess and my three buddies are splitting the cost evenly with me.

But lets say that they picked up the entire tab for the airplane. I didn't hold out for this gig, and I'd be going up there anyway with or without them. They just wanted to cover the whole cost since I'd be the guy flying. Is this 135?
If you rent the aiplane, as you just stated, you would be in violation unless all participants paid an equal share.

If one of your buddies owns the plane, he can hire you and pay you.

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