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Commercial oral

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Feb 20, 2002
Can anyone think of good commerical oral questions, real stumpers?
What plane will you be flying for the checkride? My oral was basically a private oral with additional questions about what you can and can't do with the commercial certificate, and a VERY heavy emphasis about the systems of the plane you're taking your ride in. I'd make sure you know the POH inside and out.
hey, there was a thread a few months back titled "list your toughest checkride questions"... search for something like that and you'll find the thread - they had some decent questions in there, I think it's what you're lookin for.

Know regs AND NUMBERS. I know check pilots who will ask you about regs and ask you what numbers they are.
Ferry permits

My Commercial examiner spent a lot of time on them. Fortunately, for me, he did most of the talking. This was 1983-84-ish, before the days of practical test standards.

Still, you might launch into ferry permits during a discussion of what comprises airworthiness.
Looks like I'll have to review FAR numbers to memorize. I know he will accept just a FAR number for an answer sometimes (say "91.205" for equip reqirements, etc)

I'm riding in an '81 172RG.
Know all about common carriage and holding out. For exmaple, if some guy walks into the FBO and asks you if you can fly him to an airport 100 miles away every Sunday afternoon could you do that? What about if one week he wants to bring his buddy from work? What if the next week he brings two people he charged $25 bucks to ride along? What if his plane breaks, can you use a rental plane from your FBO instead?

Another area that is usually weak is aerodynamics and weight and balance. Will the airplane stall first with a forward CG or aft CG? What is angle of incidience? What is washout? Where does the wing stall first, root or tip? Where is the center of presure. Does the tail give you negative lift or positive lift? What is a stall? What is a spin? What is the difference between a spin and graveyard spirl? What is the one instument on the panel that would tell me which one I am in? Make sure you know the weight shift formula.

Lastly, know your systems. If I pull the landing gear CB, will the gear stay retracted (Piper Arrow)? Why does the MAP rise when the RPM is decreased during run-up? Is it alright to run the engine with the MAP higher then RPM? (yes in most cases, check the POH for power settings). What happens to the prop setting if you lose oil presure. What prop setting creates more drag, low or high? What does MAP read when the engine is not running? (suprising how many people this catches) If you lose electrical power what gauges on the panel will still work?
On the common carriage/holding out subject, where does a rental plane come in to play? Private or common? I don't have a good grasp on that yet.

Why does the MAP increase with a reduction in RPM on runup? I've asked my CFI that with no answer. I'm a GSE mechanic and could use that info.....
Your MAP question will be answered by this article.


As I understand it you can't use the FBO's rental aircraft because the operation could not be completed legally under Part 91, you'd have to have a Part 135 operating certificate. Anyone know where this can be found in the FARs?
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GOOD article, thanks!!!!!

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