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Commercial Checkride Coming Up

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Man, Myth
May 26, 2004
I have my commercial checkride in about two weeks. Apart from the usual studying and practice, can anyone give me some advice. After the Instrument Rating I thought that this one would be a breeze, but I just don't think that it will be. What checkride could ever be a breeze?



PS Advice being anything that is not "Don't do it" or "take up sailing" or "I hope you're not PFT or I'll kill you" or "take a shot of burbon before you go up."
This bit of advice should help you take any checkride.......RELAX. If you get nervous you tend to dick things up. Always let the previous maneover leave your mind. If you get hung up on how bad you did the last thing you will likely dick up the next thing. If you mess up enough times the ride is done. If you mess up a little but do good on the rest the DE will most likely let some things slip. Besides that just do the normal studying and what not. Forgive me for any spelling grammar mistakes as its 420 am and I've had way tooo many rum and cokes. And finally remember no CFI is EVER going to send you up for a ride that they don't think that you will pass.
The DE is there to give you your ticket. It's yours to lose. You'll make some mistakes, guaranteed. We all did. Remain confident and poised. Make a mistake, move on. Do not let it snowball on you.

If...IF...you bust it, learn from your mistakes, get back in the saddle and take it again as soon as possible. Busting a ride isn't a career ending experience. I had a crusty old DE from hell for my commercial. Before we sat down he was complaining about something or other. My oral was 15 minutes and he said "go do your preflight." I was feeling pretty darn good having "breezed" through the very short oral. We took off and flew to the practice area. That 15 minutes he didn't say one word. He asked me to do a clearing turn and start off with 8's on pylon. I cleared and began the eight. At precisely 180 degrees into the first turn I get, "Ok, we're done here, back to the airport!" I was shocked to say the least. I asked what it was I did wrong and he said "we'll talk on the ground." The return flight was tense at best. We get in the classroom and he writes my pink slip, hands it to me and says, "come back and see me when you're READY," got up and walked out. I sat there numb and stunned, looked down at the slip and fell out of my chair. He didn't say anything about the flight, rather busted me on the oral!!! Lets just finish this by saying after the words I had with him and the flight school, I doubt I would ever be let back in the door much less have him give me a ride again.

Two days later I had a fresh commercial ticket in my hand from a different DE. My oral was about 1-1/2 hours and the checkride a little more than an hour. The guy made it a very relaxing, enjoyable and most important, a learning experience. I slipped up a couple of times on the flight and began to sweat, but he took the time to explain where I made an error and had me do it again. That was nearly 20 years ago and I'm still doing what I love.

As was said before...RELAX!

If you weren't ready, you wouldn't be signed off.

The checkride is just as much a test of your ability and knowledge as it is your instructors ability to teach it...so he/she's being tested too.

Just relax...I'm sure you're ready, so just do it.

And if it's any consolation, I found my commercial multi add-on to be the easiest checkride so far. I'm not saying it was easy, just the easiest one I've had.
my 2 cents worth of advice...remember that he Commercial maneuvers are VISUAL maneuvers, not INSTRUMENT maneuvers...most people do much better at them if they don't try to fly them on instruments.

Fly safe, and good luck!

Hey, I took my ride today. I passed.

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