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New member
Mar 20, 2002
Question for anyone who's been hired by a fractional or regional.

I was involved in an accident while flight instructing about 4 years ago. I currently work as a charter pilot and had no problem getting hired. Now I want to move on, but am afraid that because of what happend, I'll be a lifer doing charter work.

Does most regionals and fractionals look into accident history? I have no violations, or any FAA infractions. The report I got back only lists violations and enforcement actions, but does not mention accidents.

Anyone have any experience with this, or simply know what report gets sent to the employer.

thanks for any help.

If you haven't already, contact the FAA for a complete copy of your airmen's record - including any accident/incident investigations. If you don't ask for it specifically they won't include it. You will have to include a check for ten dollars and they will make a copy of everything in your file. You'll get a partial refund if the cost of processing the request is less than 10 bucks. As for getting hired - you will be asked if you have been involved in any accidents or incidents. TELL THE TRUTH! If the FAA investigated it there will be a paper trail. If you were at fault then admit it and explain how you learned from your mistakes. Your stories should end with a positive not a negative outcome. Good Luck!
Accidents or incidents

Go to www.faa.gov and order your records. That evens the playing field a bit, because you'll have a copy of what others can obtain about you. You HAVE to tell the truth on any application you complete. Application forms are regarded as legal documents, so if you lie on an app it can be grounds for dismissal. By having your documents in hand you can formulate credible answers to any questions.
To tell the truth

Absolutely! They will find it. I had an FAA report on my record for an emergency I declared back in 1992. The engine failed on my first flight with my private! The FAA called an did a telephone follow up about my emergency landing at Miramar and it went in my file. Not a scratch on me or the airplane, but they DID ask about it in both my interviews.....

DO order a copy of your airman record ASAP. Be sure no one elses mistakes are on your record. The same goes for your DL too.

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