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Comair's new aircraft..

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Senior Member
Nov 26, 2001
Comair just took delivery of two new CRJ's, the new 40 seat version. It's the identical airframe to the 50 seater, except a few rows are gone, and now they have a coat closet and baggage storage in their place. Also, I just read on avweb.com that Comair is going to train their cabin and flight crews in self-defense. That should prove interesting. Good luck to all.
If you could please post some kind of update as to what kind of self-defense training they provide, I'd really appreciate it. I had inquired a while ago as to what kind of self defense classes would be most beneficial to pilots, so I'm kind of interested in the idea. Thanks.

How did you guys work out the pay issues on the CRJ40 ? I know that, at least initially, there was talk that the crews on the 40 seaters would be paid less than those on the 50 seat versions.

Just curious...
Don't know about Comair, but at ASA we are compensated at the same rate as the 50-seater. Bombardier is selling the 40s to DAL at an ENORMOUS discount, some say upwards of 40%, to prevent them from seeking another vendor for that size aircraft. With savings that large, it would be a slap in the face to attempt to squeeze another couple of nickels out of the flight crew. After all, it's the exact same airplane. The 40s and 50s are intermingled in all of the lines. You never know which you might end up with when you duty in.
40 seat pay, self-defense.

Yup, same here. The CL-65 is all one pay rate, no matter how many seats are installed. They tried to pull that one on us during the recent negotiations, but we didn't go for it.

As far as the self-defense stuff, we had a local Karate instructor and his Soldier-Of-Fortune type friend give a free class to Comair pilots. They taught us some moves to use when you have no weapons, and how to deal with someone with a knife. I'm not sure what they have in store, as I read this on Avweb. If they start training us, I will let you know, without giving away the store, of course. I guess I better be careful if I make a pass at an FA, if she knows how to knock me out with one finger or something. Just kidding!!
We're supposed to get those things at NW airlink, and they ARE talking about less pay. I can't understand how they would do that with all the plane swapping, etc. I hope our company has the brains to do what you guys did with the pay.

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