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Comair ???

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Well-known member
Dec 9, 2001
Anyone here work for them ? what is the latest on hireing ? What is 2nd year fo make with the perdiem ? how are the scheldules and last of all are the pilots happy to be there ?
Yup, still hiring, 2nd year FO makes in the low 30's, yup to the 401k, and company adds more to make their retirement, no defined benefit plan, only "regional" with pilots brave enough to take on the largest pilot union in the world. Oh, are we ALL happy? Of course not. A lot of ex Midway pilots are not very happy at all. Most of us are happy to have a job though, at one to the best airlines of our size in the US. Oh, and shedules are better than some, but worse than others. We have more people on reserve, but my friend at ACA complains that they don't have enough people on reserve. Depends on how you look at it, I guess. Hope this helps.
What are the Midway pilots unhappy about?

SDD.... Please don't speak on my behalf unless you know me or have talked to me personally about my situation. From all of your posts that I have read on this board from you I get the impression that you have something against Midway pilots??? Just because you might have talked to one who wasn't happy doesn't mean that every single "Ex-Midway" pilot is unhappy..... I am just happy to be employed in these not so sure airline times, as well as all of my colleagues from JI. In the future please put up a poll or questionnaire and get some Intel. before you start speaking for others........ Thanks, shafted
You tell him! I've flown with a few Midway guys and from personal experience (not heresay!) they were great! I've yet to come across one that had that unhappiness that SDD spoke of.

But back to answer the original question, I believe most folks are happy here now (it's better than before the strike!). Remember it's all in what you make of it. If you go into work with a pissy attitude, you'll have a pissy job! Try to make the best of it and have fun!

2nd year F/O makes $1.60 p/h per diem and around $35.00 per hour with a min 75 hour line guarantee.

Schedules are slowly improving (again, my opinion) with a fairly decent mix of 1-5 day trips. With the 70's coming on line in September I think, their trips may not be so cheery. In addition, we have a DFW base opening up in '03 so we'll see how that goes!

Hope this helps!:D
DFW Junior or Senior?

Do you see DFW being a senior or junior base? Just curious where us newbies will be going...

lots of pilots live in the DFW area and from those I've spoken with all will bid DFW. I don't know how many planes will be originally based there and what the initial need for DFW will be. Some folks believe the MCO based pilots and FA's will also bid DFW but we'll see.

So I guess the answer would be; no one really knows if it will be junior or senior, or how many folks they'll need there.


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