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Nov 29, 2001
Was wondering if anyone might be able to answer a few questions about comair??

Just wondering what comair is paying while in training and if they cover your hotel expenses? If they don't cover the hotel how much can one expect to pay in the cvg area and is it easy to find someone to room with to keep the cost down? How long is the training and how is the whole process? And how long is the average reserve running these days and how much flying can you expect while on reserve?

Here's what we know from the interview and swimming in the pool...

Pay during training is $230/wk. They pick up hotel (single occupancy) for 1 week. After that, you're on your own. People in training have found crash pads ranging from $200->however rich you like to live. I've also heard of people splitting hotel costs. I would expect it is easy to pair or group up with classmates to find affordable housing. If you do a search on "housing for comair pilots", you'll find a pretty informative thread from a while back.

Training is ideally 63 days, although, having been through 121 training before, sims break, sh^t happens, so plan on a little longer. Comair is train to proficiency (within reason I'm sure) and I hear they're very thorough about getting everyone ready for orals, checks, etc.

As far as reserve, you'll have to defer to the line guys for that one.
Effective June 22, 2002, a pilot in initial new-hire training will be paid $240.00 per week until commencing I.O.E. - Paraphrased from contract.

Company was providing a hotel room at no charge for the first week of training. You can take advantage of that to network with classmates to find a crashpad if you wish.

Continuous Duty lines are being awarded to pilots with between five and seven months' seniority currently. Normal lines are currently going ten months to a year senior. All of this is subject to change on a regular basis depending on how much flying the company is doing.

The company is still offering leaves of absence for all non-probationary pilots to mitigate the effects of delayed aircraft deliveries. In August, there will be about 120 First Officers (about 20% of the F.O. group) on reserve.
Is the $240.00 per week taxable? i.e per diem?

Also does anyone have any thoughts on if or when Comair will open up a DFW base. Any rumors for any West Coast bases (probably not but I thought I'd ask?)

Training pay is not per diem and is taxable. The only official company endorsement of the DFW rumor I've seen is one sentence in an Ops Note that reads something like "Plans are to have a DFW crew base sometime in 2003." That note was published along with the announcement of the MCO crew base, so it could have been thrown in there to "throw a bone" to the pilot group, which is now down to one crew base, one seniority list, and, until the first CRJ-700 arrives, a single airplane type.

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