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Nov 27, 2001
Well then what do you guys think?

Should a 27 year old junior ALG capt make the move to Comair? Moving and cash are not a problem.

-How many a/c do you have? - Over 100 I think.
-How many more are comming?
# of pilots on the list now?
# hired and waiting for class

Whats the chance of Delta doing the same thing or similar to Comair/ASA that U is doing to ALG, PDT, PSA?

Good places to live in CVG on first year pay where I won't get my car stolen or stabbed while out running?

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Comair is getting 26 new AC this year and retiring 7 Brasilia's. I believe around 1440 pilots currently on the list. Don't know about the number waiting for class (sorry).

Cincinnati isn't a bad place to live. It's all what you make of it. Many good places to live, downtown is safer than most. Never been stabbed running, never had my car stolen (although I've given the criminals many chances!). :p

Oh, it's my guess that upgrade is around 2 1/2 years +/-. There is a chance that a junior F/O COULD get junior manned into the 70 seater (whenever Bombardier sends one our direction which "they" say will be October or November).

Reserve is not too bad (many places where it's worse, many where it's better). It's much easier on reserve when you don't commute (duh!). And, a minimum of 11 days off starting July. Line holders have around 15+ days off.

Chances of Delta doing to Comair/ASA what U is doing to the WO's is (in my opinion) very slim to non-existant.

Hope this helps!
70 Seat ?

I guess their is some kind of seat lock w/ the 70 seater? Is this why Jr. Man into it? Or something else I'm missing.
My opinion, I would go for Comair if i were you, you probably have a lot of time since you are a Capt. already, so upgrade may come quicker for you than the lower time pilots hired coming from a CFI background.

The last bid showed around two and a half years like previously posted.

My understanding form the contract you would incur a 12 month freeze in the 70 if you were junior manned into it.

First year is first year at that point.

Good luck, it is terrible what is happening to you guys, i have a good friend who is a junior FO there.
O.K but....

I'm in the furlough "protected" portion of the seniority list
I'm not sure if I want to give that up or not just yet.
It sems like all the -8's are marked, it is sad, but who really knows what will happen anywhere.

well I do know that we should get 26 more planes this year and 30 next year, (200 new hires this year). If you can get in that group, then next year you will be on your way to some seniority.

well, add up experience and $ and airline growth.

CRJ time, potential CRJ upgrade in two years from being hired. second year RJ Capt is $ 57.77 , third year will be up to $61.62 by the time you could hold it.

after one year, 300+ pilots below you.

we will have to go somewhere, other than East of the Mississippi, sometime....

good luck!
What do you guys think about the future of ACA? Does any one have an opinion on what United might do and how that would effect ACA. They do seem to be growing and hiring quite a few pilots. Do you see the stability that you see in Comair and ASA?
At ASA the 70 seat RJ is going relatively junior for FO's because the lines suck, and the senior people are waiting to see how the schedules shake out. The Captain seats went very senior because it pays the most (I guess)?

As we get more of them, and the schedules get better, expect the FO seat in the CRJ-700 to go more senior.
I saw the letter Comair sent to us at the wholly owned carriers at Airways. I'm in the same boat as the ALG poster, only I'm an F/O @ PDT who should have upgraded in the next upgrade, then out of the blue we decided to furlough. Meaning no PIC time in the near future, whatever future there is.

I've been considering sending my stuff over to you guys at Comair. I know NOTHING in commerical aviation is "a sure bet" but it does seem that y'all have better job security.

How's the training department at Comair; is it hard to commute from say BWI/DCA once your off reserve. Lastly, how long do F/O's spend on reserve.

It's a hard pill to swallow to think about dropping over two years of senority at PDT, especially after "living" through the merger, Potomac Air, 9-11 and then after all that get screwed by mainline.

Thx for the info.

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