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Comair vs. Flight Options

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Apr 18, 2002
I have an interview scheduled with Comair and I have been told by FLOPS HR to expect a call for an interview in the April-May timeframe.
Does anyone have input on which would be the better way to go? The obvious answer is whoever offers a job but maybe someone has some input. Any info is appreciated.
Read the post titled Regionlas vs. Fractionals (or something like that). Click on link "info" below.
It is really up to you. I am at a good regional, fairly senior, but trying to get on with EJA. It is a complex decision. Good luck!

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Easy Answer

Flight Options would be a better choice in all regards. The only reason you would go to Comair is to log 121 time. I personally do not think that you need to be paid below poverty, etc. etc. just to show you can do 121 time.

Good Luck
Which is the better choice for you? Only you can make that determination- neither is "better" than the other. Some of the considerations are:

Where do you want to live?

Do you wan to get your work done in two 8-day periods, or split up between threes and fours here and there?

How much do you NEED to make in the next few years?

Got any turbine PIC/type ratings?

What are your ultimate goals?

If your goal is to be a coporate pilot, go with the frax.

If you want to fly 121, I would consider going to the frax until movement starts again (I mean REAL movement). That way, you will get a type rating, get some good training and jet experience, and get better pay- and be able to put some nuts aaway for that first year at a regional or national.

If your goal is to go to Comair and retire there, then I would go there now, but I would move to CVG for the first few years, especially if you are married. Commuting back and forth while on reserve, and paying for a crash pad on first year pay would really be lousy, at least for me. I have friend who started in Jan and he is miserable- I don't think he knew how bad commuting on reserve would be. Even worse would be an off-line commute and/or a commute with more than one leg . . . .

I researched this pretty carefully last year- I had offers from FLOPS and an interview scheduled at EJA when I got on at AirTran. I probably could have been happy at any of them, but AirTran was the best fit for me.

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