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Comair vision standards

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Active member
Nov 29, 2001
I just read in the May edition of the aviation employment magazine about statistics for pilots hired. It went through average pilots age, hours, experience, but the one thing that stood out was about eye vision. It said the worst uncorrected vision was 20/100. I thought you just needed a first class physical? I see 20/200 uncorrected, but can easily see 20/20 with glasses or contacts.

Does Comair ask what is your uncorrected vision on the application or interview?

Is Comair giving astronaut physicals like at American Airlines?

I thought they could only ask if you had a first class physical before they hire you, once you get the job, they can then ask more.

Comair guys, let me know the scoop, are my eyes going to ruin any shot I have at Comair.

Please reply,
Relax. Your eyes will be the least of your concerns. Worry about building quality experience, learning from your mistakes, and become a competant pilot. Vision will not be an issue unless you are color blind, have depth perception problems or have some sort of degenerative eye disease. Myopia (nearsightedness) is a non-issue.

My uncorrected vision is total crap...I can see the top line and then maybe the next one down if I squint just right, but I'm correctable to 20/20 so who cares. To the best of my knowledge, none of the airlines have an uncorrected limit anymore.

To alleviate your fears even more, I've been through the American Airlines physical (for American Eagle)...and even though it's a pain in the a$s, it's not a problem if your uncorrected vision stinks. At Comair, I gave them a photocopy of my 1st class medical and that's as far as that went.

Good luck in your flying!
Pre employment questions

I was just wondering, do airlines ask specific medical question before they hire you, you know the type of questions that many years ago were used to screen out pilots.

or is it just “Do you have a first class medical?”

Thanks in advance,
Medical questions

Good deal. I believe that ADA and maybe ADEA had something to do with that.

I remember how the old AA forms made you fill out a medical history of your family tree, all the way up to your grandparents. Completely illegal.

I, was reading one of the air line mags about UPS and guess what the worst vison was during the lastbv few years 20/400, corrected back to 20/20 yewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Well mine was not that bad 20/40 corrected back to 20/20..........

I would be more worried about the industry as a whole and what may become of it if any other airlines decied to get go bankrupit
which may happen before it is all over, just remember when the top pres and the vps decied to dump , they will get paid.
Astronaut standard relaxed-thank God!

Thanks for the above info. I knew if I did a search, it would pay off instead of starting a new thread.

I went to the eye doctor the other day to confirm what I had suspected-my long distance vision is crap (20/400 uncorrected).
After a few seconds of panic I knew I could find out on this website whether or not the past 3 years and $40k or so were wasted. It sounds like the airlines have come around and only require that you are correctable to 20/20 in order to hold a First Class medical.

If anyone knows of an uncorrected vision requirement for their airline, please post or send me a personal message. I'd rather not call each one and have my initial contact being an exposure of a medical weakness. Airline X: hey, isnt this the resume of the guy with bad uncorrected vision?

Now, do I gamble it all and go for laser correction. . . .. . :rolleyes:
laser correction

About 6 months a go there was a guy on tv who did just that and the doctors boutched it up so bad the even contacts would not help.

this guy made all the local channels in the oralndo area.:cool:

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