Comair travel on SkyWest


Mar 6, 2002
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Maybe someone working for either of these two airlines can answer my question...

Can an employee who works for Comair fly free on SkyWest flights operated under the Delta codeshare?

I live in Tucson, AZ and I know my parents would love to non-rev it to SLC on skywest (delta connection), but am not sure if they would be limited to Delta mainline or not.

Any thoughts/answers would be much appreciated.

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Nov 27, 2001
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i work for skywest and my folks can't ride on comair for free. they can't even ride on delta for free. i'm not sure about comair, but i would think it's the same. if comair parents get to ride on delta for free, then there is a possibilty they would get on us for free. all delta folks get a free ride on us. i'm guessing your folks will have to throw down for an ID-75 or ID-90.

the odd thing is that my folks ride on united for free, as well as any UA express carrier (ACA, Whiskey, etc....). but delta gives us no such love on either mainline or connection... -sr.


Mar 6, 2002
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Comair's travel benefits handout said that mainline delta, comair, and ASA were all free. Thanks for the info. I'm definitely curious as to how codeshare flights are handled.


Nov 28, 2001
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They should be good to go...

the following info was copied from the DAL employee-only website (benefits are the same for comair as delta)...

Nonrevenue travel on SkyWest flights to the below Applicable Cities will follow the same non-rev travel procedures and guidelines as a Delta flight with the exception of the boarding priority. The boarding priority is SA3C or SA4.

After completing thirty (30) days service:

Delta - active full & part time employees, ready reserves, co-op students, college worker program employees, retirees, survivors of Delta employees, Voluntary Leave participants, and Furloughed employees.
Delta Technology
DAL Global Services

Pass Rider Eligibility*
The following pass riders are also eligible to participate:

Domestic Partner and his/her dependent children (a yield fare ticket is required)
Minor-dependent/full-time students
Non-Dependent Children (a yield fare ticket is required)
Travel Companion (a yield fare ticket is required)
Retired employee and spouse
Survivors of Delta employees
*The boarding priority for pass riders in this group is SA3C.

Delta Flight Pass Card Travel Procedures
The employee, spouse, minor-dependent/full-time student children, parents, and survivor may travel with their Delta Flight Pass Card on SkyWest to the Applicable Cities listed below free of service charge. Travel companions, non-dependent children, domestic partners & children, and original Worldspan employees will need to purchase a yield fare ticket prior to traveling.

Family & Friends Certificate Guests*
Family & Friends guests are eligible for travel on SkyWest to the Applicable Cities listed below. The purchase of a space available yield fare ticket is required. *The boarding priority for Family & Friends guests is SA4.

Flight Listing
Call the Travel Line or TravelNet found on the DeltaNet Home Page.

Dress Code
Business Casual

Family & Friends and Yield Fare Ticketing
All yield fare ticketing must be done in advance at a Delta Ticketing Location. The preferred location is a Delta City Ticket Office (CTO). Click here for a CTO nearest you or your Family & Friends guest. Note: SkyWest agents cannot issue Delta yield fare tickets.

Applicable Cities
Pleasure service charge free and yield fare travel is applicable on any Delta coded flight operated by SkyWest. For a list of flights, reference a Delta Timetable or visit the Web site. Note: Flights operated by SkyWest on behalf of United Airlines (with the UA code) are not applicable.