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Comair to DFW

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Dec 14, 2001
I have an interview at the end of this month so I've just been looking around for info and one rumor has come up everywhere that I would actually like to see come true.

On the aviationinterviews.com gouge several people mention that they were told in the INTERVIEW process! that DFW would probably become a base for Comair. Plus I've seen the rumor fly around this message board a couple times.

Anyone have any new fresh info on a Comair base at DFW??
Still just a rumor and not very likely at this time. Maybe.... way, way, way off.

Comair still has to replace the EMBs in Florida. MCO still is not a jet base yet. I have a 4 day trip tomorrow that goes though Florida, but it is still starts and ends in CVG. It is common to spend 3 solid days flying back in forth in FL, but you still start out of CVG.


Right now, we don't have a tremendous amount of flights going through DFW. IND-DFW and now DFW-CRP, etc. I beleive we had more pre-strike when we were running down to Mexico which we no longer do.

In addition, Delta has both Skywest and ASA with domiciles in DFW. I understand Delta's integration and multiple regionals in hub cities because of strike, but Skywest in non-union and it doesn't make sence to have three carriers. Perhaps if Skywest is dumped after the Olympics.... but fat chance.

As much as I would like to see a DFW hub, and as much as I hate living in Cincinnati.... I think it is still along ways off. Then again, maybe we will hear something next week. The one thing I have learned about this place is the longer a rumour runs (and DFW has been going pre-strike and then some) the less likely it is.
PS. Don't EVER believe anything that is told to you during an interview!!!!

We were all told 1 year of reserve.... actually 1 year and 9 months.

We were told that 90 min. call outs on reserve were VERY RARE.... actually 90 min call outs were the norm.

And on, and on...
My Comair experience as an FO: 7 mos on reserve and I usually called at the beginning of the window and found out if anything was on my schedule. Probably could count the number of 90 minute call outs on one hand.

So far as Captain 3 mos reserve and now CD lines are junior to me, I happen to like CD's so it works for me.

Just my $.02
A bit off topic, but one of you mentioned Comair flying in Florida. I was wondering if the CRJ can land in Key West? It's a short runway for the Brazilia, is it not? If it can't land there, what are Comair's plans? Leave the Brazilia in service only on that run?
Here's a long-shot and a half. I heard rumors of Las Vegas as the Delta/Comair hub. I can't make sense of it, but I've heard it from a few different people.
Key West and the RJ

I don't know about the RJ but PAN AM used to use a 727 on EYW to MIA. They filled it with just enough gas to get to MIA, so I guess an RJ will work. Maybe ACA with the Dorknobs might work. Seems like they get off the ground fast from what I see in LGA and BOS. But for landing no reverse. As for U it will be Dashes forever.
The CRJ-700 can fit into EYW. So can the -200, barely. The 40 seater can fit as well. Not sure, at least from my standpoint, that I would want to send one in there though. I say we give MCOEYW to ASA and let them sling the ATR in there. Not sure about a Dorkjet with no TR's.

As far as bases? Got me. I would think that ATL would be a better bet before DFW. And MCO before ATL. But I'm just a dispatcher. ;)

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