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Comair Rumor

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I think this is aviation business is so crazy, three month ago Comair was the best regional airline in the industry, and now it’s the airline with 100+ worthless 50-seat flying metal. Personally I don’t think Comair will go under that easy.

To all you Comair pilots out there, wish you the best. Also heard a rumor from several Comair pilots I met, said something about Comair will get it's flying back by end of February of 06.
Yeah, best of luck to everyone there in CVG. I did an internship there and had a great time.....learned alot about airline flying and the company. I'll go back if they ever get back on their feet.
While the rumor is essentially true, the lessors will most likely eventually play ball. If they think there is a huge market out there for 50 seaters they are mstaken. Indy already has a bunch parked that no one is interested in. Fred announced 5 going to the repo man sometime this month, but with the December schedule changes, we have some extras anyway.
Koot said:
Good, maybe we won't have to listen to those whinney crybabys at comair anymore.

Who do you fly for "Koot"? If you're in the Delta Connection portfolio, I'll bet the farm that your days of whining are imminent. Someday soon, someone is going to undercut you to fly for Delta, and you'll become the most expensive. We all know what happens then. Your days of crying are coming my friend... you just wait ;-)
Good Luck to you Comair Guys! You've always been great when asking for a ride to work. I hope this is just a rumor.

Company's first salvo = $13 million in concessions and 10 MAYBE 30 planes will be parked.

Company's latest = $17 million in givebacks and POSSIBLY 100 planes are gone.

Please tell me that someone else sees the transparency in these threats. They are going to do what they are going to do, regardless. If anyone thinks a concession at this point in the game is going to change the direction of the company is mistaken. They have a plan, and $1 mil or $13 mil or $17 mil is such a meaningless, token amount of money I would laugh about it if it weren't so insulting. During the last three months DAL reported a revenue of $4.22 billion, and a loss of $1.13 billion. Somehow, $13 million is going to decide the fate of the company? GMAFB. Additionally, DAL shed $1.2 billion in RJ lease debt to skywest. Is anyone listening to butrell? He speaks as if the lights are about to go out in ops and the repo guy is at the gate with a tow truck. $17 million isn't even a pimple on the ass of this pig.
I don't have any reason to wish bad luck on the Comair guys, but I always love these people that have the, "the bank wont do this because...casm this and casm that and banks are hard up..." attitude.

[FONT=ARIAL,]Lowrider [/FONT]
[FONT=ARIAL, Helvetica, Geneva]Reply 2, posted Sat Dec 10 2005 21:45:03 UTC+1 and read 3567 times:[/FONT]

[/FONT][FONT=ARIAL,]Heard the same rumor from Phreddie. The only real purpose I can see this serves is to scare the organized labor groups into taking pay cuts in a hurry. What would any bank want with 100+ 50 seat RJ's right now. It is not like there is a shortage of them. Better to get 50% of the lease than nothing at all, or $.27/pound for the scrap metal value.[/FONT]
First of all, good luck to the Comair folks. I personally don't believe this rumor is true, but rather some information leaked to give the folks something to worry about during the holidays.

Second, I'm surprised to see so many folks on this board so eager to see negative stuff about Comair and other carriers. If nothing, else, what happened to the Christmas spirit?

I can only assume that there are quite a few kids out there trying to stir things up and pretend they're pilots for other carriers.

Merry Christmas to all, Happy Holidays to those who don't celebrate Christmas. Let's just take a couple of weeks off from the bashing, alright?

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