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Comair routes and bases

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Well-known member
Feb 15, 2002
Any new (within the last month) "rumors" floating around about new routes or bases for Comair? Also, any better ideas on how Comair plans to handle the addition of the CRJ-700 (routes, bases, etc) ?
Does it look like the 70 seater will be out of DFW, and will that be used for that run or a combination?
I'm still trying to get a feel on this whole 70 seater thing.....how will it be manned etc....
How will it be manned? Well, it has the same number of pilots that a 50 seat CRJ has, two. It has one more flight attendant, but I'm not sure if that is what you wanted to know. The Captains went senior, and the FO's went mixed, some were even jr assigned to it. I hope that answers your question. As far as the base, I'll believe it when I see it. Right now all of our new aircraft will be based in Cincinnati. Hope this helps.
So what is the typical manning per an aircraft? And no I don't mean, 2 pilots and 1 FA (LOL).....but for hiring purposes what do the companies usually try to have for each plane they have? 2 crews? 3 crews?.....

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