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Comair Raises Minimums!

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Home Based Again!
May 7, 2002
Just got back from a week in STL to find a new memo on a bulletin board at CAA:

New minimums: 1800TT, 500ME for new hires. Academy grads still at 1000TT, 100ME. Posted by John Erskine of the recruiting dept.

Looks like it's going to take some 135/121 time to get on, now.

Best of luck to the new applicants, and hope those of us in the pool class up soon!
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I spoke to a recruiter at the airfair a month ago and he said they were only hiring 121 right now and would start looking at 135 when that well runs dry. I think the old mins and even the new ones are pretty far from the competitive mins anyway.
Now if they only would lower that stupid 21 year old age requirement!!

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