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Comair questions

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Active member
Mar 2, 2002
Questions about Comair.
My son has an interview with Comair. How long does it take to hear if you are accepted? If you are accepted, how long before a class is assigned? Is Comair expanding, or are their any scope clauses with Delta that would limit the number of planes they are planning to put in the air?
Yes, there is DAL scope, BUT.................

Comair continues to receive new airplanes and hire new pilots. The number of new pilots is estimated at 450-550 by the end of this year. As of now, we are accepting three new airplanes/monthly with the first 70 seat airplane due for delivery late summer of 2002. My guess is sometime in July-September. A training bid for captains and F/Os on that airplane was published last month.

The scope issue at DAL is so contentious, that a group of pilots formed the RJDC (regional jet defense coalition) to sue ALPA over it. In a nutshell, the RJDC alleges ALPA failed to represent the interests of Comair and ASA pilots (Comair and ASA are wholly owned subsidiaries of DAL) when the DAL scope portion of their last contract was negotiated. The RJDC has a website (www.rjdefense.com) which details their side of the issues.

I'm sorry I can't answer the other questions.
The first revenue flight for the CL-700 at Comair will be 01 August. A total of seven should be on the property by the end of the year with an over-staffing of 100 CL-700 Captains and 100 CL-700 First Officers.
Rumur mill has it that if DALPA loses its' grievience to "force majure" in April, that hiring and new aircraft will continue at the same explosive rate through the end of 2003.
I imagine the same would hold true for ASA.
CL700 Awards

The awards for the 700 were...

Capt. 24 all were awarded to guys in the top 50 in the company

FO's only 7 bids were recieved. They will be junior manning into the Fo seat.

This was from Crew Planning directly

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