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Comair Pay

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Flash 7

Well-known member
Jul 16, 2002
Can anyone tell me what the maximum pay credit per month is at Comair? If you pick up OT at time and a half and you were over 100 hours does that extra time go into a pay bank? or can you cash out those hours? Also how difficult is it to drop trips? can you drop and pick up OT in it's place? I know some regionals that allow you to do this and get paid well over 100 hours per month.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
nothing like that

First you have to sit reserve for over a year when you do get a line you can drop trips but no open time is available, they use reserves for most open time. you can do some trading but it doesn't really help except for days off. if you're looking for pay don't fly here.
JI Gone OH,

thanks for the info!

I know that the big money is at the majors. However I know some guy's at Skywest and ACA that really max out their pay structure. I was just hired at Comair and I was curious what you can expect to see.

Do you really think it will be a year to hold a line?

Do CD lines go Junior?

Is it realistic to average say 90-95 hours a month in pay credit?
reserve is less than a year. Average line is 85 hours. You can drop trips, it's not difficult. But you can't pick up OT if you drop a trip. CD lines are a mix of junior and senior but mostly junior. If you bid a HI line you'll average around 92 hours plus or minus. The pay isn't spectacular the first year BUT it gets progressively better the longer you're here.
With all the new hiring going on, what will this do to the amount of time we can expect to sit reserve? Any estimates?
that is probably next to an impossible question to answer. although there is hiring, remember about 50 senior f/o's are moving up to cvg as we speak. last time i looked at the jet lines, the most junior lineholder had been here about six months.
Dropping Trips..


In regards to dropping trips...is there a Chief Pilot/Crew Scheds. approval process? If so, are most drops approved? Is bidding/dropping handled on-line?

At my airline, it basically requires an act of congress and your first born to drop anything...and we have 50 guys on the street! I've tried the last 2 bids to drop ANY trip for vacation or WITHOUT PAY and have struck out every time! Please say things are rosier at Comair!!!

Thanks... TF
yes, it is a bit rosier...

scheduling/company would rather pay a reserve to fly the trip than a line holder at their base pay, when in most cases the reserve is junior at a lower pay and more than likely will never break 75 guarantee. so the cost is much lower for them.
Easy there on how excited you get to pick up extra/overtime. I realize we all need the money but the more you work the less inclined the company is to hire more, therefore, the more guys on the street....... Don't mean to be a fatalist but when I see guys working on half their days off a month it p1sses me off!

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