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comair jets

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Active member
Dec 26, 2001
I heard a rumor the other day that Comair cancelled deliveries of the 50 seater and cancelled all August classes. Can someone PLEASE prove this rumor wrong?
I talked on Friday to Sharon. She told me that two classes in August were postponed - she didn't say cancelled. She had no hard information that she was able to give out. Said it is all up above her. She said they are getting 3 CRJs in August and that the plan is still to be about the same point in December that they had planned before. When I asked how they could get all the people they needed trained by then, she said they had done big classes in the past - 60 per in Jan, Feb, and Mar of last year. They could do it again if they needed to and were asked to. But, she emphasized that no word has come down yet.

That's it for the company line. Keep treading water until you drown then everybody waiting behind you gets to move up.

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