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Comair interview

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New member
Dec 25, 2001
I have an interview upcomming with Comair towards the end of January, and would appreciate any advice that someone would have with regard to it.

Okay, it's been awhile for me, but it was one on two with a chief piltot and a lady from HR. They asked me a bit about the aircraft I was flying, and some technical questions. It was pretty easy, as the Chief pilot asked me first, how much does your current aircraft weigh? I said 45,000 lbs, and after that it seemed pretty easy.

If you are asking about the tech eval, I hear it has changed a bunch since I did it. Now they use the same light pen test that Delta uses. I would recommend Air Inc for their gouge, as they helped me a lot when I did it. Good luck to you.

My interview was on Aug 29. My start date is on Jan. 23. As for the interview it consists of three parts. The tech/hr is no problem, just be up on your operating regs and systems of your aircraft. The hr person asks general questions about why you want to work for Comair, etc. The apt test is not hard, you can get the materials from Air Inc. The cognitive test is challenging. Treat it like a video game and it is no problem.
Good luck,
I have an interview on 23 Jan...which info at Air Inc is everyone referring to?? Thanx.................Joel
I did not know there were study materials until after my interview. I heard through someone else that Air Inc had the study guides.

However I read on aviationinterviews.com that Comair now does a personality test. Where you Strongly Agree, Agree, etc...

Hope this helps. Just remember if they called you for an interview they want to hire you.


there are two shows at AvCareer.TV. One is with the Academy and one with Comair. Both recruit.

the second one may not be up opn site until Monday or Tueday as it occured Friday.

Check www.avcareer.TV and look to schedule.

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