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Comair Interview

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Feb 15, 2002
Does Comair let you know the day of the interview whether or not you've been hired? How far out are the training classes typically from the interview? Is the info on Aviationinterviews.com good gouge for the interview? Any added suggestions?
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I interviewed on 3 March.

1) They notify you by mail in 8-10 working days. I got my letter with a job offer on 16 March. They called my unit the day after my interview to confirm my service dates, so that was pretty encouraging, but it was a long week and a half.

2) Spoke with the class scheduler yesterday. All classes are delayed two months. My earliest class date looks like June.

3) The gouge on aviationinterviews is exact.

Good luck. Don't sweat the psych test or the computer test. No studying possible, just be honest and consistant on the psych test, and practice each module on the computer test until you feel comfortable before going for score.
Everything skidriver posted is right on..
I interviewed on Feb. 21st and got my letter in about the same time. Good luck

ps. skidriver...was there a certain individual you called or did you call Sharon with the number provided on your letter?
Oops! Almost everything I said was correct except that I interviewed on 5 March vice 3 March.


I spoke with Cathy Avent who schedules classes. I just used the phone number off of the letterhead 859-767-2550 and asked the receptionist to connect me. Took a couple of calls to get her on the line.

See you in Cincy!
I interviewed Mar 19. The gouge is right on. They are very professional. Classes will be in June. PM me if I can give you any specific info.

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