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Comair February Interview

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Active member
Jan 4, 2002
I have an interview with Comair on Feb. 19 and was wondering if anyone else out there has the same date? Let me know, we can exchange gouge info.
Congratulations on your interview MJEPilot. I just have one question to ask ... Did you have a reference from a Comair Captain or First Officer? Thanks.

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Comair Feb interview

Hey MJE pilot,

How long after you submitted your resume did you get called? And also, did you have someone walk in your papers? I applied about two weeks ago via fax and through the mail.

Just wondering,

No recommendation, just faxed in a resume and heard back within one week.

I too have an interview at the very end of February. Very excited because it sounds like the place is great and has really rebounded well from the strike.

Just wondering if anyone had any gouge to share. Got the stuff from aviationcareers.com. Anyone have anything else that would be helpful please, please personal message me anything.

MJEPilot (the elder or younger),

I think we're all anxious to hear. How did the Comair interview turn out yesterday. Details, details...... Here's hoping everything turned out as it should have.

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