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Comair CRJs

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Active member
Jan 4, 2002
What type of CRJs does Comair operate with?
Heard that COMAIR will also get the 70 seaters CRJ700.some time this year , not sure though. if there is any comair pilots out there that could verify that. just wondering.
All of our fleet are CRJ-200's, except for two forty seaters, which are the same designation, but only have forty seats. We should be getting the 700's sometime this summer, probably around May.
Isn't there some kind of scope clause thing with Delta that says its connection partners can't operate 70 seat jets? Maybe it was more than 70 seats???? If its legit now, did that get changed due to any recent events?
Delta mainline had NO scope for the regionals before this last contract. The current one says that connection is limited to 34 percent of mainline flying. There is no restriction on size, or number of aircraft, as I understand it. So, the more larger aircraft they buy, and faster, the better we can use our 34%. The only change after Sept 11th is that Delta has an out clause when we are at war, or national emergency. In other words, we are purchasing a lot of aircraft, and hiring a lot of pilots this year. We were behind in training due to the strike, but that should get caught up pretty soon. Good luck.

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