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Comair Commuter Clause

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Well-known member
Nov 29, 2001
Does the commuter clause in the Comair contract apply to people on reserve? For instance, if a pilot is supposed to start reserve at 0600 on Monday, and he tries twice on Sunday to get to work but can't get there, could he invoke the commuter clause?

Thank you
Yup. Reserve or line, commuter clause is the same. Of course, the bad news is Mr. Osmundson told us in the repatriation meetings that the commuter clause was simply putting into writing what was the policy anyway. And, if you can't make it to work say, twice a year because of commuting, he is going to want to talk to you about your commuting practices anyway.
He can talk until he is blue in the face. As long as you abide by the contract you can use the commuter clause as much as you want. I would not recommend doing this while on probation. If you do get called in to see Osmundson, just bring your union rep. and proof that you could not get on your 2 flights ie. initialed jumpseat forms and/or NRSA seat requests tickets.

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