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Comair Classes

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May 27, 2002
I interviewed with Comair in February and was told today that July classes were booked and that August was uncertain. Anyone out there in the July classes interview after February? I was told originally that interview date was how they would determine class dates.
Waiting and wondering.
Do you mean they said they were uncertain the would run an August class or that it was uncertain if you would be in an August class.

I spoke with Linda right before the 4th and she said they were still working on end of Feb interviewees.
Talked to Sharon jones yesterday...with your late February interview date, you'll probably get an August class date. I interviewed the 3rd wk in march and she pretty much told me flat out that August was a long shot at best and to hang tight.

Anyone know why they told recent interviews to expect September class dates?
What I meant was that No August classes were set yet. Sharron told me that there would be classes. She could not tell me how many or what the dates in August would be. Sorry about the confusion & thanks for the info.

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