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Comair classes canceled

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Well-known member
Nov 25, 2001
Word at Comair is all Sept and Oct. new hire traininig has been canceled due to scope issues with mainline. Anyone have any solid info.
i just got off the phone with comair training scheduling and they denied that rumor...stated the only class cxl so far is 5 aug...
Thanks for checking that out for us Anaconda. I really appreciate it. This last year has been a roller coaster ride to say the least!

Well, at least the flight instructing hours I'm still fortunate enough to pick up will count towards the 3000 CA upgrade.....
Not true!!

I'm in the third week of new hire class and someone from the training department came in and talked to us today to stop some of the misinformation. A rumour had gotten out that financing was not available for all the new aircraft Comair wants so naturally we we're all thinking, no aircraft, no new pilots. They told us that financing for aircraft will be slower than they expected so deliveries will be slower but they are still trying to make it happen. It seems the banks and other investors are a little hesitant to invest in airplanes for Delta when they're undergoing such heavy losses right now. (Come on now, you don't think the airlines actually own all those planes do you?). Anyway, they said the plans are to continue expanding and Delta management is completely for it. So there you have it...the slowdown in deliveries is due to lack of money and has NOTHING TO DO WITH SCOPE. Because deliveries will be slower, they are having to slow down class dates and it seems they are taking these on a week by week basis. They said they should know within the next two days it they will have two other classes in August. So hang in there...your time will come. I'm not an official spokesperson here...just passing along the way I heard things and of course it could all change tommorrow. Good luck!
While I am not saying management (or Otto) is lying, something does not add up. ASA continues to get two 50 seaters and one 70 seater per month and we are in the same boat as Comair (under the BIG D). I know we are still hiring and starting new hire classes.

I am not sure what is going on, but I doubt it has to do with money. While BIG "D" may be losing money, ASA and Comair are not.

Just my humble opinion
Hey, I was just passing along what I heard. You know as well as I do you just have to wait and see what happens. In this situation though I do tend to think it could have something to do with money. We're still receiving planes at the same rate as ASA but the plans call for A LOT more. While ASA and Comair are making money independently, we're all Delta on the balance sheet and we're putting in about 10 cent's for every doller they lose. It's not Comair and ASA trying to finance those planes, it's Delta and right now the picture isn't pretty for them. A lot of guys here (at Comair) have their opinion about being owned by Delta and, well, I'll let you figure that out. Well see what happens...hold on for the ride!

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