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Comair callback

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Active member
Jan 30, 2002
Does anybody know about how long I can expect to wait from the day I send in a resume to the day I get a call from Comair?

with your time in todays world, about two years. The days are over of a flight instructor of getting a job at comair. You can be mad at all the lowtimers who had no business at comair to complain at. Oh well they got the job and good luck to them all.

Hey thanks for the reply rufus. Are you saying that the only guys that are in my TT catagory are all Comair grads. If so **CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED****CENSORED**!

CWS- just ignore rufus, he is a loser who turned tail and ran away from Comair during the strike and now sees fit to armchair quarterback.

I honestly don't know the answer to your question, but if you move this to the general board, skydiver driver will probably be able to give you an educated answer.

Good Luck !
I sent a resume December 8. When I didn't hear anything by the end of the month I called and spoke to a recruiter. He said my resume hadn't crossed his desk yet, he thought it was probably still in a pile. He stated that with my flight time I would receive a call.

I'm still waiting for that call...

good luck
I'm in the same situation as Eddie. Faxed in a resume on December 4th, then had another one walked in by a friend who is a Captain on the CRJ. Several weeks later, I spoke to one of the recruiters and was told I was definitely going to be interviewed and my papers were going to be expedited.

Still waiting for a call ...

750 Driver
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No, you didnt' have to be a Comair Academy grad to get on with Comair Airlines from flight instructing. I don't know if it's still possible, but I wouldn't give up trying. I'm sure there are a lot of highly qualified pilots trying to get on here, and since we are one of few airlines hiring, it may be tougher now. Whether it actually is or not, I have no way to tell. Don't give up.

I work for another airline and can tell you most of our real low time new hires are super sharp.
Some of the biggest idiots I've flow with have a boatload of flight time.
I started class here 01/02 and came from an instructing background. There are 4 Comair Academy instructors in my class. It seems right now they are the only low timers getting interviews. I interviewed before 9/11, and friends I instructed with who applied after that haven't heard anything. Word around here is that competitive times are around 3000TT and 1500ME. However, pilot recruiting says to keep sending in resumes as long as you meet the 1200/200 requirement. I'd definetly keep trying. They're hiring about 50/month (classes of 12 start every Wed) so sooner or later maybe they'll get to you.

Good luck!
Hey ILS2DH, thanks for the info. I have 171 multi 1840 TT with 650 PIC turbine. Would Comair look at me if I'm 29 hours short of multi? Do they like Turbine PIC?

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