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Comair and the Reserves

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Ralph Wiggum

New member
Nov 26, 2001
Any Military reservist/Comair/Regional folks out there who can tell me how the Comair contract, or any other contracts, deals with reservists? Specifically, how much time off (say, per month) will I be able to take off in order to drill? Can I take as much as I want, or is there a cap? Are there any company ramifications to drilling with the reserves as much as possible? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Comair is pretty good about National Guard/Reserve. I've been there four years and never had any trouble getting time off for drills. Sometimes, I have given the company short notice for two and three day ADSW orders and there's been no problem.

That said, I am non-rated and don't know how the company feels about AFTPs throughout the month. I do know there are many Army Reserve/ ARNG pilots who have little difficulty getting their needed time off.

As for the contract, you'll loose 3.75 hours of guarantee (which is 75 hours) got each GL (government leave) day you take. If you don't go over 75 hours on reserve, you'll see a loss in pay. If you go over, there's no problem. If not on reserve, some pilots will bid around their military requirements so they don't incur any pay loss. There is no cap on the number of days in the contract or company policy. Where benefits are addressed, the contract and company policy usually provide what they must IAW federal statutes.

I hope this answers your questions. Fly safe!

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