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Comair age and hours

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Active member
Jan 4, 2002
I was curious about a couple things concerning Comair Airlines:

1. What is the average age of someone hired and average flight time?
2. What is the youngest pilot flying for Comair (reserve or line, doesn't matter)?

I am sure you don't have specific answers to these questions, but your best guess would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
I dont know what the average is but in my class of 22 the oldest is 45 and the youngest 23 with an even spread in between. THe lowest times are around the 1300 mark and the highest are in the 3000-4000 range. All of the low time guys have prior 121 experience. There are only three in the class that dont have 121 time and they all have higher time and corporate or military time in Turbo Prop aircraft. This is probably fairly representative of most new hire classes.
I agree with those times..I'm low time pt.121 experience age 23, got hired in Feb. and waiting for a class...at my interview there was a wide range of ages and experience, but the breakdown was the same. low time pt. 121, 2000hr or so range had some cargo guys in there, and then there were some higher time guys too.
I've seen alot of guys hired in the 35-45 year old range on aviatiointerviews.com.

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