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Nov 25, 2001
Many of you guys are over forty, and may have thought about this when Katie Couric took all of America where we never thought we would go.

Now that GW is having the docs take a look-see in the Presidential canal, I wonder how many of us have had this preventive maintenance, and how you fit this into your flying week.

How long did you wait before returning to duty? Did you have to get an "all clear" from an AME because anesthesia was involved?

no biggie. You can do it with a local if your worried about being knocked out. You could have it done in the morning and fly that evening. I had one a couple of years ago. The stuff you have to drink to clear yourself out is the biggest thing. It tastes horrible. I understand that you can now do some kind of enema instead. I'd rather walk thru glass barefoot that drink that stuff again, so go for the flush!
A friend who is a nurse told me this morning that the half gallon of salty liquid taken over several hours the night before the exam is still a requirement to prepare for either the colonoscopy or the flexible sigmoidoscopy.

Also, a doc friend told me that the flex sig can only look at the first 60% of the colon, which is 9 feet long. He recommendes that everyone over 50 get the whole length inspected, particularly for pilots, since our livelihood depends on keeping that medical. Also, he says that they knock you out for the colonoscopy, and that being unconscious during the procedure is a good thing!

I guess this falls under the category of stuff we don't want to think about, but need to.
goofy dr's

each dr. has his own methods. Just like we all don't fly the same, they don't do their procedures the same. The salty liquid is NOT a requirement any more. Several of my friends have had the procedure done recently and did not have to drink the liquid from HELL. Also, your dr. may "knock you out" but it is not a requirement.

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