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College/High School Transcripts ??

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Jan 26, 2002
Do most or all airlines or fractionals require you to bring your transcripts with you on an interview?? Or is that only the majors?? How does that work?? Do they want high school, college, or nothing?
When I had my interview at COEX, they had me bring in my College and High School transcripts, however, I did have other interviews (Allegheny/TSA) that didn't care wether I brought them in or not. I would say it just depends on who you interview with.
i had the same experience over nine interviews. coex was the only one that required them, including the high school, which boggles my mind.

i had copies ready to give out at the other interviews, however, in case they asked. they never did.

i still imagine john dresser pouring over everybody's high school transcript during the lunch break, somehow deciding based on that info who was fit to fly for coex...
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same here


Coex in 98 wanted my college stuff no high school - not hired

Allegheny in 98 didn't even ask about schooling and never has

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