Colgan Peeps!

Beech Balls

Frmr Purple Porpoise Drvr
Mar 4, 2006
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How are all my Colgan people doing?

1.) Just wanted to congratulate you all on getting a Union. I am not a fan of unions in general given my political leanings, HOWEVER, I realize that it is a necessity and a benefit in our industry, especially given how Colganicle treats it's hard-working employees... I would have voted YES a second time.

2.) I'm just out to find out how things are going for all of you since I left 7 months ago...I hope it's improving a little...

3.) What does it take to get a contract in the works?

4.) Enjoy the crazy-ass flying you do now in the Beech (if any are left), and Saab. That was some of the most fun I've ever had, and you will never be sharper!