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Colgan bases/bids

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Uncle Bunkle

Well-known member
May 20, 2005
I've noticed that most Colgan trips will have you home every night (assuming you live in base). Is that true? Example, ALB-LGA, LGA-PVD, PVD-LGA, LGA-ALB, you start and end in Albany, and most of the Albany trips look this way.
It looks like in most bases you are home EVERY night?
From what I know, yes you are home every night if you live at your base. Be aware, no per diem, thats about 150 or bucks less per month, but for me that is WELL worth it.
Back when I was there 2 years ago you were always back in your base at the end of the day. It is great if you live in base. The only exception was Manassas Beech guys who would go out on TDY. Like it was said before you dont get per diem unless you stay away from base overnight. That usually only happens when you break a plane and have to ferry it to a mx base and end up staying there overnight as there are very few overnight trips planned each week. If it is still the same then I would guess that there are about 3 trips that end up in an overnight each week system wide and they always include an overnight at a mx base (ALB, HEF, HYA) when I was there and usually was on a Sat night and have you leave sometime late Sun afternoon.
Home every night would be a bit inaccurate. I'd say 95% of the time. The Hyannis Radisson the other 5% of the time.
I have an interview with Colgan coming up. And here comes the bashing.
Would like to hear what starting pay is. Also, do they pay you during your training? Would a commute from KDTW be possible working here?
Is there another way to apply for a first officer position at Colgan? I'd prefer to send them a resume rather that take 20 hours to fill out the airlineapps crud.

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