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Colgan Air/Commut Air

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Cmdr Taggart

Well-known member
Jun 26, 2002
In my continuing search for a job, I am actually turning to the east coast and Colgan Air and CommutAir. Being a good west coast person I do not know much about these airlines. Any information would be appreciated. Are they hiring? Are the good bad places to work?

Thanks in advance
www.aviationinterviews.com has some recent interview gouge on both Colgan and Commutair (with the past 2-3 months) so they are interviewing. I know Commutair was a little more active earlier this year and they must have slowed down.
Colgan I'm not too sure about.
I think you might be a little late for Colgan. They were hiring earlier but their requirements were 1500 and 2 I think. If you had some turbine time you had a chance. I had a friend that was hired with about 1000 and 400 but he had a good bit of King Air time. Seems like a good company. He faxed his resume one day, had an interview 5 days later, had a class 2 weeks after that and started flying the line about 3 weeks ago. That's about the fastest processing I've ever heard of. Unfortunately, I think they are done with hiring for now.
Send one to both, cant hurt. The worst they can say is no. Thats not any worse off than you are now.

If you do a search on commutair and colgan, there should be plenty of info here about both. Im partial to CommutAir though!

just read all the past posts about colgan.

Don't go there. hold out till a real airline calls, even if it takes another year.
Holdout for what? A CFI job in 152's? If hired, take the job at Colgan and build your turbine/121 time so someday you can get a job with a real airline. The "real airlines" don't hire pilots that sit around on their butts waiting for a phone call from the "real airline". Do the smart thing and get in the air with the first airline you can, without doing pay for trn. Good luck
Thanks for the information. Penguin, who wants to stay as a CFI? That is not the issue. The issue is trying to get in the door with the airlines. I have sent out lots of applications: Great Lakes, CommutAir, Colgan, Ameriflight, etc. I have not heard anything, my question is do you need to call the HR department? Or try and find an inside connection to get an interview? It seems the traditional send in an application and see, does not work; at least with my limited flight experience. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also any other 121/135 airlines cargo companies that would interview with 1300 TT with 700 multi, let me know. Even in the east coast.
Wow, Taggart, you're bumming me out that you have that much time and haven't been called. I was just starting to think that I might have a chance with one of the smaller turboprop commuters that you mentioned. Sonuva...

You might want to consider something like RamAir Freight or AirNet Express; I think all they want is 1200TT so you meet the 135 PIC mins. AirNet actually used to accept guys with lower time and just fly them in the right seat. Both will be at the Air Inc seminar in ATL 13 Jul.

That cargo plane full of rubber dog $hit out of Hong Kong is starting to sound pretty good.

You obviously don't work for Colgan, so keep your trap shut.

I started at Colgan 15 months ago with less than 1000 tt. I just finished upgrade training with 2200 tt.

Every company has it's good and bad points. While most carriers are hurting these days, we're striving. We keep picking up new routes and more airplanes. Who else is doing that? We just hired nearly 50 new beech pilots and more SAAB pilots.. Who else is doing that?

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