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Well-known member
Mar 19, 2002
Hey everyone, I have to say that I am new to the sight and I absolutely love it. Good info and digs. I have been noticing here that not to many people are talking about COEX. I was in pretty good shoes pre 9/11 then we all knew what happened. I honestly have to say that I hope all are making out ok!!! I would also like to get some feed back on Commutair, I know someone there and he said he can help me out. The problem is that I am afraid to leave my current aviation job in the event something else happens. I would really like to hear some feedback and advice. By the way I am 20 with 1200 hrs, FlightSafety Academy, and some 135 work along with flight ops department experience(current job). Looking forward to some responses.
Oh, Coex! The things they say about CoEx! Why, you just can't say enough about CoEx! CoEx this, CoEx that. What do you want us to say about CoEx? I'll say that our stock is below IPO price already.
...not to mention that coex has +-400 guys/gals out on the street... contract negotiations coming up, and an angry pilot group...best place to work???? probably not anymore...

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