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Coex Recall When??

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New member
Jan 7, 2002
Any one have any news when the call backs are going to begin? I know I am at the bottom of the list since I haven't even started class yet.( Class date was Nov. 1) I get so mad because my airline career was just getting good and now this. Do you think that it will be months or years for my call back. Any info about call backs or just plain advice would be great.
I'm walking the same tight rope as you. I was supposed to start class after september and of course it was cancelled. Since the recent announcement of no furloughs for the rest of the year, I am still not counting on attending a CALex class for at least two years. I have given up on them due to the complexities. In two years I will be somewhere else thats for sure. Who knows, management may change their mind and furlough a few more hundred in a month just like AME did within the last couple days. From talking to my buddies, the general atmosphere is quite depressing in the CALex world right now.

My advice is to give up on CALex, cuz its going to be a long time brotha,sista! Build that time no matter how you do it and try to go for something else.
check this out guys!!!

Latest Hot Air News from Air Inc.

Mon, Feb 04 2002

Continental Halts Pilot Furloughs to Minimize Impact on Continental Express
Continental Airlines (CAL) announced today it will eliminate further pilot furloughs this year to minimize pilot training and costs at Continental Express as a result of the flow of pilots from Continental to Continental Express under a flow-through agreement.

Under terms of the flow-through agreement with Continental's pilots, furloughed Continental Airlines pilots have the option to work as pilots for Continental Express, resulting in furloughs of existing Continental Express pilots. Continental had previously announced a furlough of 100 Continental pilots scheduled to begin in March. This furlough will not occur. Continental Express had projected the inflow of these 100 Continental mainline pilots would result in training and other costs for the subsidiary and contribute to as many as 250 furloughs.

"By eliminating further pilot furloughs, Continental can avoid significant training challenges at Continental Express while we focus on separating our ownership interest in Continental Express," said Capt. Deborah L. McCoy, senior vice president of Flight Operations at CAL.

Continental filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) last summer for an initial public offering of Continental Express, but decided to postpone the offering after Sept. 11.

Continental recently announced that it intends to continue pursuing a strategy of separating the ownership of Continental and Continental Express, while noting that the structure and terms of the offering will be revised and that timing of an IPO is uncertain.

Since capacity at Continental was reduced following Sept. 11, Continental has furloughed a total of 439 pilots from mainline operations. Of this number, 233 pilots took positions at Continental Express, contributing to the furlough of 386 Continental Express pilots.

My advice is to assume that you will never go back to COEX, for planning purposes. I have some good friends who were furloughed Oct. 1 after almost holding a line in September (approx. 3 months on line). A few of these people are not currently flying at all, and are simply waiting for the recall to happen. In my opinion, this is a very reactive way to go about one's career planning. If I were in your position, I would take (or keep) whatever flying job I could get and increase my experience and qualifications and take the first reasonable job I could get. Coex is not likely to recall any pilots this year. When they do start, they will have a list of nearly 400 pilots (assuming no further furloughs) to gradually recall, based on how fast CAL recalls the flowbacks. This could take anywhere from months to well over a year. Then, once the recall does occur, look forward to a much longer time spent on reserve and a substantial increase in upgrade time. Don't expect to see SRJ CA with 18 months of seniority 2 years from now. Throw in the contract becoming amendable in '02, and the very real possibility of a lengthy contract negotiation and even a strike, and prospects begin to look dim indeed. Of course, I may be an alarmist. These are, admittedly, near worst-case scenarios. Honestly, the announcement eliminating the latest batch of furloughs surprised me, as it was the first real piece of good news to hit the COEX pilot group since 9/11. Be proactive about your career. Improve your qualifications by flying and building good experience. That way, regardless of what happens with COEX, you will come out closer to your ultimate goals.
p.s. Since you haven't even started class yet, you may not be eligible for any recall rights whatsoever. Definitely do not wait for that recall.
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Bluto, I agree that these guys should have their apps out at other airlines, I disagree with your outlook on the future. I think the future is bright for the COEX pilot group. Mainline is going to have a larger amount of retirements next year. Even a zero growth a mainline they will need to replace those guys at the least. Gordon also knows that he can't afford to give up market share, hence the reason for stopping the furloughs and uping the amount of flights.
Also the fact that Coex is recieving 51 airframes this year. There will be growth here, not as much as was planned pre 9/11, but there will be growth. An yes we are going to have attrition from guys leaving to go to SWA, they are hiring like crazy.
CAL will recall sometime in the first quarter, and it will be as fast as they furloughed, even the director of manpower believes this will occure. There will be an instant demand to replace the pilots that go back to mainline. I am even optimistic that there will be a need to hire here at Express by the second quarter of 2003! (I hope):) With the increase in growth planned for 2003, I have high hopes. The way I see it the future is bright. We just need to get through contract 02, and raise the bar for other "regionals". Good luck guys, I hope to see ya on property soon.:cool:
It's great to see some optimism in the ranks. I'm afraid I still can't jump on board, though. From all reliable sources, COEX is grossly overstaffed. The new aircraft arriving will help that to a certain extent, however, with the prop retirements it looks like a net gain of only about 23 aircraft will occur this year. Assuming 5 crews per aircraft, that will bring back around half of the furloughs. Of course, that also assumes the company wants to maintain current staffing levels, which the recent (retracted) 250 pilot furlough plan suggests is not the case. CAL has already stated that they will not recall anyone during 2002. I have seen only information supporting this original statement, and none negating it. Do you know something I don't? I truly hope so! The latest "official" estimate I've heard is a plan to hire again starting in 2004. Please don't misunderstand me, I also feel that the future is very bright for the COEX pilot group. I simply think the dark times are going to be longer than some.
Bluto, I truly believe that all Coex pilots will be recalled by the end of the second quarter of 2003. If not I'll be very disappointed. By the way, I've got a good friend of mine that's a April 01 hire. This guy has been in aviation longer that me! Thats a long time. I'm really hoping that he'll be back early next year.
With all of the other airlines increasing flights to keep market share, CAL is being forced to do the same. If AA, UAL, DAL and all other airlines continue to reinstate flights we will do the same, thus the need for recalls, you get the picture. This is why I think there will be a need to recall and hire quicker than anticapated. As you said we'll have a net increase of 23 aircraft!
I also think that this summer will be a little better that antisipated for air travel. No, I don't have the sunshine machine attached to my rectume! :D I'm just remembering 1992, Gulf War. People will fly again. I also think business travel will begin to pick back up. Really time will tell, we'll just have to wait and see. :cool:

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