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Cockpit door in a crash.

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Exactly, how about: "Fly the Airplane, don't let the autothrottles rollback to idle for nearly 2 minutes."

I think that's a good one too.
I'm just a lowly regional puke, and my response to the thread title jeopardy style is, "What is part of the wreckage?"

The other responses are far better.
It's indestructable. If you can get inside it you will be ok
Yeah cause it's always that simple. Hopefully you never crash and have to endure 40 minutes of slow death because of a security door that's now blocking your rescue. Apart from the reasons for this particular crash it does raise a very valid point.
There's a method of opening the door from the outside. And, if there's no power on the door, as was most likely in the crash, and it's not deadbolted it will NOT be locked.
I'm all for installing ejection seats....

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