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coca-cola co. info?

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Well-known member
Dec 3, 2001
does anyone have any info about the coca-cola flt dept? im very interested in working for them and know their location and phone numbers, but need c/p, d/o names and such. or mabey even info from someone inside who could give me some advice.
any help would be great.
thanks, eric

Coca Cola operates GV sn. 526 and G-IV's serial number 1131, 1177, and 1253. 1131 would have been delivered in 1990 and current deliveries are around sn. 1460 to give you an idea of the age of the fleet.
The Coca-Cola Co.

NBAA 2001
P.O. Box 43427
Atlanta, GA 30336
(404) 676-2121 Voice
(404) 515-5988 Fax
William Newton, Director Aviation Dept.
Eric House, Chief Pilot

www.avcrew.com You still should apply they way they wish, if you know what I mean.

Coca-Cola Enterprises

In this month's Professional Pilot Magazine, the Chief Pilot of Coca-Cola Enterprises of Marietta, GA responded to the Turbine Engine Overhaul Survey. His name was listed as T. Savanberg, with the types of aircraft flown as: C560, Hawker 800XP and a CL604. Hope that helps. I would imagine that is the same company.

Coca Cola and Coca Cola Enterprises are two different flight departments! While both may be hiring, I believe the AvCrew listing is for Coca Cola. I don't know if Enterprises is hiring at this time.

Just a friendly heads up.

i found out that there are many separately owned companies dealing with coca-cola products, bottling, and distribution. there are three separate flight depts called coke operating completely independently of each other. i got the guys name and number. getting the job will be tougher. thanks for the help guys.

I understand from a guy on our AAA Web Site who was at their hanger in ATL, they had 2000 resumes for 2 positions.

Sounds like good odds to me!

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