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CMH Hotels during indoc.

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Well-known member
Dec 3, 2001
Anyone have any recommendations for hotels to stay at during indoc in CMH for EJA? I have the list from EJA, but I haven't checked all the rates yet. Which is cheaper? Do any of them have transport to and from the training center? Or is a rental car a must for the time you are there? I know I have stayed at one they listed in CMH that included breakfast and Dinner every day. That could save some dough in the long run too. Any suggestions? Thanks!

I stayed at the towne place suites when i was at indoc. They have the same rates as candlewwod suites which is right across the street. I would not go for those weekly rate places....some of my friends had those at first and said they were terrible. They ended up switching to the towne place.

Another plus for the towne place is that you can get marrioott reward points while staing there. Candlewood does not have that. It is a five minute or so drive door to door for training...give or take a few. I would suggest splitting a room if you know someone, that way you can save $$$. But the rate is roughly $55 per night for a one bedroom suite with a kitchen/stove/refrig.

I would say that a rental is a good idea since you wont know anyone at first. After a few days you can probably hook up with a classmate for rides to class. Your best bet is to shop at the local supermarket and cook in your room too.

None that I know of have transportation for you...sorry.

I think that covers most everything. For sim training, they will get a rental car for every two guys/gals to share which is nice.

If you stay at the Ramada, you can practically walk. They also have a shuttle that will take you to EJA or even into town. That way, you won't need a rental car. The Ramada is a bit more expensive than some of the others, but since you won't need a rental car and they give you breakfast, it's not a bad deal.

Good luck.

The Candlewood Suites is the best for overall price and convenience. The majority of people at Indoc stay there.
make a reservation as far out as possible as they only have a certain amount of rooms at the special EJA rate $49.00 a night.
Don't forget it's tax deductible.
As a matter of fact I would keep reciepts for meals, Hotel expenses, miles driven in your car, gas etc.
It should all be tax deductible since you are not being reimbursed-(ie: Per diem) and you have to be there for work.

Fly Safe
Ps the cheapest is the Suburban Lodge-but have heard many complaints from people that have stayed there-ranging from domestic violence disputes to thinking the reporters from the show Cops were going to show up any moment.
I just made my reservations for Indoc in Feb. at the Town Place Suites. It is a studio with living area, queen size bed and kitchen for $49.00 a night.
If you're really tight on money, don't forget about my buddy Nick whose renting out a bedroom for $100 a week right next to the airport. 602-684-0491.


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