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CLT Air Ambulance

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Well-known member
Nov 2, 2005
I worked the ramp for Signature Charlotte about eight years ago. We used to have to go across the ramp to fuel an air ambulance company with King Air's and Citations. I am now a 121 First Officer and I am interested in finding out about them as I would like to move back to Charlotte. Any info would be great as far as pay, schedule, and how to get hired. Thank you for your help.
They are called MedCenter Air and are associated with Carolina's Medical Center. Ray Usher is the CP, but there is NO movement in the department. they have 3 KA200s and a Citation. They operate out of the old Butler building out past the entrance to the ANG hangar.

Sorry, dont know much about schedule or pay. I had a friend there several years ago and it didnt seem too terrible a QOL for a 135 Ambulance operation.
Yea, I talked to them a while back, he told me to call back when I get 1200 which was expected... but maybe they are looking for somebody? I would think he wouldn't tell me to call back if they weren't in need of more pilots. Just a thought.

Anything else like that in CLT (besides Nascar and the teams)?
CMC is talking about keeping a king air based in RDU full time. They are currently keeping one there during the week mon-fri and if things go well they will need to hire some FO's for the RDU base. Just beware of Ray Usher.
Heard that Med center air has a cushy on call schedule. Only on call for 12 hrs at a time. Short trips, no overnights to speak of. You work some days some nights with days off in between, and you don't always fly on you days on. Good qol from that stand point.-kingaira90

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